Book Log

Currently Reading:

Three Stones Make A Wall: The Story of Archaeology by Eric Cline

Incredibly readable and engaging. Cline tells a really good story.

I like: the thought experiment/fictional universe where people from the future unearth Starbucks and decide that the mermaid must be a goddess. But (my thoughts) – what if in the far future, we are so removed from the idea of religion, that posterity mistakenly assigns the label of corporations to what were religions?

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

Listening to this as an audiobook as I drive. The narrator sounds like a dispassionate old British guy.

Main takeaways for the day: the 1500s was the Scientific Revolution, driven by politics, economics and religion. And –

James Lind discovered the cure for scurvy by feeding James Cook’s sailors oranges 🍊

• Life in the Land of the Pharaohs by the Reader’s Digest

Has nice pictures. Today I learnt that in (ancient?) Egypt, there wasn’t a word for marriage, the expression was just “to make a home”. So if you found your favourite human and shacked up with him, you were wife and husband.


University Application Status at present: finally uploaded all relevant documents to the related uni application website. Am “Eligible for Consideration” for the graduate Archaeology course; not quite the archaeologist-fetus.


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