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After an Ultra Bad Work Day in 2021, I thought, “I can’t do this anymore, I’m going to change my career to something, anything else.” I jumped onto a university website to look at what degrees exist.

Archaeology, of course, came first under ‘A’.

(I liked telling this story to a few friends as it got some laughs. It made me sound like someone who creates their travel plans by pointing blindly at a world map. The partner jokes that if I had started elsewhere I’d be doing Zoology.)

In truth, I looked at this list, and realised I knew nothing about Archaeology as a profession. Curious, and bored, I Googled, “is Archaeology boring?”

One of the top results is Dr Colleen Morgan’s blog post, Stop Saying Archaeology is Actually Boring. She exhorts those in the profession to please, for the love of Ancient Egyptian Gods* stop beginning their presentations to the lay public with, “you might think that my work is like Indiana Jones, but it’s not nearly so exciting. Anyway, here are some broken pots I found…”

Her writing about her career is compelling and vibrant. My favourite quote of hers would have to be:

As archaeologists we are the discoverers and keepers and storytellers of the different ways we have found to be human.

Dr Colleen Morgan


Reading that line gave me the feeling that my inner escape artist had just been handed a passcode out of a locked room. I went on a massive reading spree after that.

I do mean to reach out to Dr Morgan personally, but wanted to do it when I had made some headway into the Certificate first. I hope this namedrop isn’t too creepy. She (phD and awesome) is a lot more famous than I (Miss Nobody) am, anyway.

Another article I read soon after was from, which describes the reality of Archaeology in a fun way: “It’s like putting together an enormous puzzle after your dog chewed the box with the picture to shreds and somebody stole half the pieces.”

It was a Hasty Generalisation, but after a few articles I thought, Archaeologists are good writers!

I went down a big rabbit hole reading about both archaeology and forensic anthropology for a few weeks before I made Dreams Of Digging.

*my embellishment, and I’ve paraphrased to summarise the gist of her plea.


13 thoughts on “Before This Blog

  1. A very smart move to consult with a real career advisor. I did so back in 1977. It was an eye-opening experience. I was a confused college freshman. After a battery of tests -from personality profiles to motivations and even aptitude tests and spatial recognition tests, the counselor presented me with a large number of careers that matched my abilities and interests. At the top of the list was a career that was in its infancy – Veterinary Technician. I researched it, and never looked back! I hope your career advisor can show you a direction that will fulfill your heart’s desire!

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    • Thank you! I actually just booked with the general counselling team at the uni who talk about life problems, but I think they may dispatch a careers person along the way. Never realised they would offer testing, I thought they they just talked! The first few consults will be via phone. I’m so glad you have loved your path.


  2. Dr B says:

    That’s a wide ranging post, so many parts on which to comment! Values test interesting, paired comparisons is a good way to diagnose values, done it many times with teachers in Nepal

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  3. Loving archaeology was – I confess – thanks to a Corporation !
    The local council had just acquired a mediaeval hall, ready-made housing for a new museum, and decided excavating the site would be a good way to start, with a real archaeologist in charge. My mother spotted the advert for volunteers, 15 was old enough.

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