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A Snowman from Ukraine in Peacetime

I woke up this morning filled with stress from the night before, and surprised to find my eyes were leaking as I read about world events.

It is so senseless.

A close friend of mine lives in Ukraine. I can’t overstate how surreal it is to be reading and hearing about these events, or thinking of the innocent people involved, or the worry.

The internet is a wonderful thing, and has shrunk down to seconds and minutes the kind of information that once took traditional pen pals months or years to divulge. It is because of this friend that I know some Russian phrases. To me this further highlights how ridiculous war is – both nations are home to people who have friends, relatives and ties to the other.

My WordPress Reader seems oddly divorced from the sombre tone of the world news – people are still posting about ordinary things. I suppose blogging is not like other social media, and people’s websites have their own dedicated topics. Or perhaps we come here to escape.

Well, this blog is about history, and our place in the the world as humans. I had another post about other things with stacks of photos lined up, but just don’t have the heart to be writing about that or anything else.

Here is a snow friend, frozen in peacetime, from Ukraine, thirteen months ago when none of this was happening. I post this in fervent hopes that peacetime comes to Ukraine again very, very soon.

A cool buddy made by my friend, Odessa, Ukraine. 29th January 2021. Posted with permission.

Слава Украине.


25 thoughts on “A Snowman from Ukraine in Peacetime

  1. Sometimes one just doesn’t know what to say. It all seems incomprehensible. We know what to do, the whole world should be resisting Putin with all we have at our disposal, but we’re a long way from 1939 when we didn’t have nuclear arms and this throws something more dangerous into the equation. But we are leaving he door open to others who have their sights set on acquiring more land and they can see how powerless we really are. Big guns will always win over big ideals.

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    • You are right. I hope all her citizens keep defending themselves, the Russian civilians keep protesting, the invaders lose morale and steam, and that all the conflict will not escalate globally.


  2. In modern times the world has shrunk and we are all neighbors! Wars in the past were far away conflicts but now this military invasion (though far away) feels intimate and terrifying! I hope your friend is in an area of safety… my prayers continue for all who are in the midst of this violence…

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  3. History showed us over and over again, how maniacs managed to snag power and stay there. Either by riling up the people or by more nefarious means. Usually both. i am so saddened for the Ukrainian people and hoping that those protesting in Russia are successful in their protests. In light of what was happening in Canada with people protesting their “freedoms taken away”, I think that they should go and fight in Ukraine so that they can taste what it feels like when your freedom is taken away for real.

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  4. It’s so sad. I don’t understand the global politics of it all. But I’m just kind of in shock that one country is actively invading another county right now… like this is what we learned about in history classes. About the world wars. (!)
    Thanks for sharing the peaceful snow man. I will also pray that Ukraine can fight successfully for their peace and achieve it very soon.

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  5. It’s understandable and important that bloggers and others go on with their day to day lives. Maintaining that means Mr Putin can’t rattle the whole world as much as he’d like to. It doesn’t mean we are not horrified about what is going on in Ukraine or feeling for the people there. Other terrible things happen day to day. Overnight an earthquake has killed people in Indonesia. A cyclone is bearing down on Northern Australia. With the pandemic and the negative events that are part of life, we are all under extreme mental pressure, and our blogs are one way we can release the valve a little. Having said that, well done on your comments. For the first time, I will reblog a blog and also post the link on my Facebook. Keep smiling. Resilience is part of the fight back from good people.

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  6. Sending warm wishes and prayers for your friend’s safety, as well as that of all Ukrainians during this awful time. And I agree–I’ve been thinking of nothing but political poetry ideas for the past several days because of all that’s going on in the world, not just in Eastern Europe but here in the States as well. Part of me wants to pen some scathing poetry about tyrants (putin, trump, et al) and those who worship at their profane altars, as well as wars and the evil that men do, and part of me wants my blog to be my “safe place,” where I can find refuge from all the evil in the world. I plan on continuing to post my tranquil nature photography for this reason, but I’m still deciding on whether to do some venting in my poetry. I won’t lie–this is scary and exhausting. Once again, I hope your friend is safe. Thanks so much for speaking out about this.

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    • Thanks Mike 🙏 Your words and pictures are always peaceful. Yes, our personal word repositories become a sanctuary of thoughts. I guess artistic expression differs from news, as the art isn’t necessarily expressing violence, but response to violence, and in that way the energy is felt differently. Eg solidarity! I guess ultimately we can (and should) all look after the little bit of the world around ourselves however we feel most comfortable, including the internet spaces we curate. Thank you for your kind words as always!

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  7. Yeah I hear you. I’ve been reading nothing but about what’s going on over there and it’s heartbreaking. I have a good friend in Finland and he’s is a bit tense over this since he’s pretty close to Russia as well. My heart goes out to the soldiers who are dying for a scumbag’s pipe dream. A reunified Russian Empire indeed, how about fixing the roads east of Moscow!

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    • Yes exactly, what good is increasing the area of your nation if everything within it is dilapidated and everyone is broke and miserable? Russia would be a farce not a glory, greater in land mass only and not in the eyes of anyone.

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  8. When I started my Blog in 2016, I naturally found myself Blogging about weightier issues of the day but I saw many people close to me getting way too sucked into the dark hole of current events. I finally began listening to more music than news and Blogging about the frivolous that is more my natural style. I know how we balance our actions is different for different people and I may have left too much to others and to experts who shoulder more of the debate.


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