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Passport to digging

Aspiring dual citizens rejoice! I learnt that Archaeologists in Australia collaborated to make:

The Australian Archaeology Skills Passport is a 94-page document which looks like a Quest list in a video game, and is for professional archaeologists to reference and audit themselves in their career.

Some skills are very specific to digging, such as understanding stratigraphy (looking at lines/layers in the earth in order to date them) and some are broader, eg collaboration (not getting into fistfights with your fellow team members because you’re tired and grumpy in hot working conditions).

Stratigraphy helps archaeologists date buried artefacts. Image credit:

I won’t list all the skills because I have to write about them already for an assignment, but you get the idea.

Part of the assignment topic is to describe some of the skills you already have and list experiences to justify them.

I had to opt for the non-specific ones like Analytical Writing (dabbles with words) and working in a team. As I have not gone excavating*, I could say I have a 100% track record in not getting into wrestling matches on field trips. This may, hopefully, be something of merit in counting towards the assignment grade**.

*yet! First ever field trip with the uni is now booked in April.

**I’m not really going to submit something about wrestling matches.


17 thoughts on “Passport to digging

    • Thank you, I hope so too! Yes, it will a National park, in South Australia, I believe atop a hill, although not completely sure yet if it’s a true archaeological site or just one set up for the purpose of learning 😄

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    • Thank you! Yes, so true. When I was at school I only knew to be evaluated by someone else (very literally didn’t understand what a lecturer meant when she said “independent learning”, 10+ years ago). Independence is undervalued!


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