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People, people, people

Some of my learnings this week:

• #1

The first two episodes of “Servant of the People” (‘Слуга народу’) are really, really funny.

This is a charming TV series from 2015-2019 that follows the story of a straight-laced high school History teacher in Ukraine named Vasily Goloborodko. Just before the country’s election, he goes on an expletive-filled rant to a colleague about the corrupt nature of all the politicians in Ukraine. One of his students secretly films him and uploads the video to YouTube. The virality of his foul-mouthed tirade catapults Goloborodko to meteoric popularity and Ukrainian Presidency.

Overnight, he is transformed from an ordinary broke guy, worrying over fines of 17 Ukrainian Hyrvnia ($0.77 AUD), to a President living a life of exaggerated opulence and where everyone fawns over him and his family.

The show was produced and starred by none other than the real Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksyy himself. How life imitates art imitates life!

There is so much irony that is brilliantly executed (“There was a sale! 100% off everything! We almost felt bad…” – the poor women in family, going shopping for the first time after he is elected).

It is satire that touches on issues in society and politics. However given certain world events (like the 45th POTUS, and the fact Zelenskyy used to be a comedian) I find the events of the show just about believable.

It’s in Russian and Ukrainian, you are comfortable with following subtitles. If you are in Australia with a TV, the show is available on SBS.

• #2

Don’t wander into comment sections when you know the content from the blog post upsets you.

Won’t reveal too much the specifics. I had discovered a site which, on the surface, had all this content I liked. But I found the comment sections often had people who relished trashing those they disagreed with, using bullying tactics and occasional ad hominem attacks.

Thankfully nobody used me as target practice, even after I had contributed my own views which weren’t mainstream in the discussion (Why did I even go there? I almost never do that). But I can say the sheer meanness of people towards other people weighed on my mind this week.

• #3

If someone or something is Ethnocentric means they evaluate other cultures using attitudes and moral standards which arose from their own. It does not mean the same thing as racism, but does describe the conditions which underpin it. The opposite to ethnocentric bias is cultural relativism, which what anthropologists can aim for if they want to evaluate cultures impartially.


Re: Archaeology – I am writing another assignment. It is on Ethics, which should be my jam, but I seem to be suffering from some sort of weird word congestion, at least for school.

How are you this week? Do you like watching foreign shows? Are you comfortable airing views that don’t conform? Anything you’ve discovered this week?


19 thoughts on “People, people, people

  1. That’s a good point about wandering into dodgy comment sections. I sometimes wonder why people allow that in their comments—do they just not feel comfortable deleting, or do they get amused by the nastiness? And then when that goes unchecked, it’s likely to attract more of the same.

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  2. I worked in a career where my job was to negotiate deals between polarized people. I had to search for the good in both sides to make that work. I knew I did a good job when both sides hated me. I like poking fun at myself because everyone can enjoy that. I tend to understate my non conforming views, usually by asking questions.

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    • Sounds like no little feat! I had to chortle at “I know I did a good job when both sides hated me”! Gold!!

      Asking questions… I believe that was Socrates’ way of undermining stubborn/arrogant people too 😂

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