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Art Gallery of SA

*My case (last post) presented exactly the same as a textbook case of appendicitis: fever, generalised then localised pain, inflammation. Plot twist – the surgeon finally came and spoke to me, and said my appendix didn’t look so inflamed in surgery – I definitely had had a ruptured cyst (ovarian) and fluid gathering where there shouldn’t have been – but the surgical team took my appendix anyway to send off for lab tests. Now I am home, and feeling weirdly sympathetic for poor sacrificed appendix who had a possibly no-fault eviction and is goodness knows where.


7 thoughts on “Art Gallery of SA

  1. So glad you are home and feeling better! I’m partial to figurative 3D work but I also enjoy abstract 3D pieces (being a ceramic artist myself). That said I love most paintings and drawings – especially the impressionists!

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