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Shining some Light

Recently, a serendipitous discovery was made at Cincinnati museum. There was a (in my opinion) fairly ordinary looking plate from the century with engravings of the Buddha’s name, that was kept in storage for the last six-ish decades.

The curator, Dr Sung, found that if light was shone and reflected off in a certain way, it depicted a meditating Buddha. Which I reckon is terribly clever on the part of the artist, who lived in the 15th-16th century and likely never looked up ways to make this happen on WikiHow.

The reflection in question:

Above images: Rob Deslongchamps from Cincinnati Art Museum

Quite cool!

I first saw this article on Good News Network, which is a network with only good news – a lot of which is relevant to historical discoveries (I’ve taken to blocking most news sites on my phone in the last few weeks because the headlines are all doom and gloom.*)

On the subject of light, there is currently an event this week/month across central city that is showcasing different light effects/art made by people, which is awesome.


Some fun stuff related to light:

• In ancient China, people believed that solar eclipses were happening because a giant dragon was eating the sun (talk about high on the Scoville scale 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶)

• On Wikipedia, Nikola Tesla’s name does not come up on the list of scientists who contributed to the incandescent light bulb. (I wasn’t sure if it was one of the things he and Thomas Edison had competing bragging rights over so I checked).

• By a small degree, green light relaxes the eye muscles for focusing, more so than yellow or red light.


I briefly did some homework about rock art while deciding on topics, but eventually decided to select the topic on looking at stone tools in Australia. This actually came down to scheduling, as it fits much better with everything else in my life. This particular topic is a short intensive that starts toward the end of the year.

Perhaps this means I will restructure this blog and/or diversify content – have to decide!

How are you? Do you peruse or avoid the news? What your tolerance level for spicy food? (Mine: mild) Has your blog changed as you changed, and how?

* I saw this quote the other day, and quite liked it:


15 thoughts on “Shining some Light

  1. Dr B says:

    That’s a very cool Buddha plate🕉 I have a high tolerance for spicy food, don’t forget I have a large family in Kathmandu! I totally avoid the news on tv but browse websites I trust for politics and sport. My blog has morphed several times, from focusing on mountaineering, to wine, to Buddhism, to our education charity and NGO, and now quite eclectic. All across about 20 years.

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  2. That’s a cool find re: Buddha plate. Good luck with the Stone Tools class!
    I am good, albeit feeling scatterbrained. I like reading the news only when it is amusing and light, and then I enjoy talking about it on my blog (eg.; otherwise, I do not care for the news. Not crazy about spicy food. If my blog and I have changed, I’m not sure we’ve changed for the better.
    Good questions! How about you?

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    • Thank you!! I feel like my brain just went on a carnival ride, that was a fantastic read, especially the cookie jar segment 😂 My ancestors may well be facepalming for me not tolerating spicier flavours; and think my writing voice has become slightly more directed at potential readers since I started.


  3. Snatched exchange, UK supermarket news stand, man with young teen son, to another. Glance, from one depressing headline to the next, shrug.
    ‘Cant’ be a***d. Too stressful ‘ And walked away, to fill their trollies
    What if nobody ever read the news ?
    Half my first degree was in politics, successfully put me off for life.

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