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This page was last updated July 2022.

I am 32F working in STEM. One day I realised I can’t sit at the same desk forever and tried window shopping for a new life. I found a short qualification for archaeology under letter “A”, and the rest is blog history.

Talus More is a pen name, a pun on a bone in the foot. My interests lie in the human body, scientific applications of knowledge, and learning wild and weird trivia. Various online sources by professionals in Archaeology continue to ignite my curiosity and wonder. I don’t yet know what 2023 looks like – will see where studies lead me.

In this blog I will update on archaeology-related books, films, discourse in the paleo-/anthropological world, studying in semi-secret while still working… anything interesting and relevant.

Other things I like: wholesome content, nature photos, poetry, birds, and memorable lines — thought-provoking, or funny, or both.

This is my journey!