Scrub quiz; student life; secret agent

Just quickly, to the 12 people following this site and anyone else who has interacted with this blog – thank you so much! I appreciate you!

1.5 DAYS LEFT until the first Archaeology lecture and osteology lab!

Courtesy of my partner, I went to a pub quiz last night, hosted by med students at the university I’m going to (should I say scrub quiz? Ha ha ha).

Some interesting facts about objects and the world from last night:

• The country name ‘Spain’ came from a word that means ‘land of the rabbits’ 🐰🐰🐰

• The black box on a plane is actually orange 🟧 (bright, so they can find it)

• The country in the world with the most islands is Sweden 🇸🇪 many of which are unnamed (I would have guessed Indonesia)

• A camel’s hair brush is actually made from sheep and horse fur. Also sometimes cows. EDIT: on double checking apparently it’s a mix, and often squirrel fur 🐿

• One of the 7 Wonders of the World (in nature) is the aurora borealis. I thought it had to be a landmark but apparently the thermosphere is fair game.


The quiz writers must have run out of ideas toward the end of the night – I mean, there’s only so much content to ask about our planet, isn’t there? – the last rounds of questions literally devolved into hypothetical clinical cases. Judging by groans from everyone, it was not what they were expecting on a night out.

Photo of the pub ceiling, not because I was looking to the heavens in despair at this question, but to avoid posting living persons next to the screen. These doughnut shaped lights were cute.

But! That is what they must be prepared to be faced with one day, such as when someone collapses on their holiday plane to Fiji. Still, I wish they had asked a bit more about history and geography.

My partner is quite a positive person but I joke that as a med student he is SAD all the time – which, I decided, is the offical medical abbreviation for Studying And Dead. Soon we can be SAD together and it’ll be great.

I don’t recall ever going to a pub quiz or scrub quiz as an undergrad.

If I could time travel, I’d probably be a billionaire. But also, I would say to my sheltered undergraduate self, who used to rote-learn lecture slides:

“You! Sheltered person – go out more; hang out more; find work as an assistant for experience; make friends in your class and keep them. When you learn things, don’t just learn things. Learn the wider context of everything in which those things fit. Information without context just gets lost as noise. In the end, context is how you best make sense of anything in this world.

“And for goodness’s sake learn to drive sooner.”

The Archaeology school is at the same university – hoping they will host events to generate the same fellow-feeling. Particularly as I will continue working and do lectures online (For field trips and courses like next week, will schedule leave).

I haven’t told work about study plans.

This is also why I’m writing undercover (again, very appreciative of visitors, if you have read this far – thank you!)

As much as working at a desk all the time is driving me bananas, I actually quite like the people there, and don’t fancy leaving a crater and a smoking mass of incinerated bridges where my source of income is concerned (this is hyperbole but, you know. Not for a while anyway).

It’s perfectly cool, as it all feels a bit like being a secret agent, except with fewer assassination plots.