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A Snowman from Ukraine in Peacetime

I woke up this morning filled with stress from the night before, and surprised to find my eyes were leaking as I read about world events.

It is so senseless.

A close friend of mine lives in Ukraine. I can’t overstate how surreal it is to be reading and hearing about these events, or thinking of the innocent people involved, or the worry.

The internet is a wonderful thing, and has shrunk down to seconds and minutes the kind of information that once took traditional pen pals months or years to divulge. It is because of this friend that I know some Russian phrases. To me this further highlights how ridiculous war is – both nations are home to people who have friends, relatives and ties to the other.

My WordPress Reader seems oddly divorced from the sombre tone of the world news – people are still posting about ordinary things. I suppose blogging is not like other social media, and people’s websites have their own dedicated topics. Or perhaps we come here to escape.

Well, this blog is about history, and our place in the the world as humans. I had another post about other things with stacks of photos lined up, but just don’t have the heart to be writing about that or anything else.

Here is a snow friend, frozen in peacetime, from Ukraine, thirteen months ago when none of this was happening. I post this in fervent hopes that peacetime comes to Ukraine again very, very soon.

A cool buddy made by my friend, Odessa, Ukraine. 29th January 2021. Posted with permission.

Слава Украине.