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  • Mystery Men
    Today marks the end of Missing Persons Week in Australia. This is the week when the police pour extra money into campaigns re: finding folk who went walkabout one day and never returned, and there are extra adverts around the place to raise awareness. Coincidentally, there have recently developments regarding […]
  • Shining some Light
    Recently, a serendipitous discovery was made at Cincinnati museum. There was a (in my opinion) fairly ordinary looking plate from the century with engravings of the Buddha’s name, that was kept in storage for the last six-ish decades. The curator, Dr Sung, found that if light was shone and reflected […]
  • Auckland Museum
    I have been on a break to see fam. Here’s a smattering of random facts and photos I gleaned from a trip to Auckland Museum. • New Zealand broke off from a supercontinent Gondwana millions of years ago. • At one point, Gondwana formed the southern part of an even […]

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  • A little popular culture
    I have finished consuming: • 2021 Film, ‘The Dig’. Very beautiful movie, capturing real […]
  • A poem
    Whose bones these are we want to know.They died a million years ago;They won’t […]
  • A Snowman from Ukraine in Peacetime
    I woke up this morning filled with stress from the night before, and surprised […]
  • Ancestors and holiday thoughts
    There’s a Black Friday sale here for Ancestry/DNA testing, which is weird. For one, […]

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