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  • Lithics and Lost Limbs
    This is Part IV of a series on a short intensive class I did on Lithics. Q: When was the earliest known successful surgical amputation? A) 700 years ago B) 3100 years ago C) 7000 years ago D) 31000 years ago ⏳ ⌛️ If you chose option C, you were […]
  • Lithics, Line Art & Limericks
    An unlucky lithics student named Joan Couldn’t tell between ice cream and stone She ran into grief When she fractured her teeth – She’d fancied a taste of a Hertzian Cone. • A Hertzian Cone is a kind of break that happens when you chip a material which fractures conchoidally […]
  • Lithics II
    It really pays to read about your topic >1 week before it starts. Sunday morning (6th) before Lithics began, I thought I’d best open the portal to see what was coming up. I saw: ASSIGNMENT DUE MONDAY 7TH NOVEMBER ‼️⁉️⚠️‼️ Cue mini-heart attack. Thankfully they were multiple choice questions, ensuring […]

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  • A little popular culture
    I have finished consuming: • 2021 Film, ‘The Dig’. Very beautiful movie, capturing real […]
  • A poem
    Whose bones these are we want to know.They died a million years ago;They won’t […]
  • A Snowman from Ukraine in Peacetime
    I woke up this morning filled with stress from the night before, and surprised […]
  • Ancestors and holiday thoughts
    There’s a Black Friday sale here for Ancestry/DNA testing, which is weird. For one, […]
  • Working memory workout
    This week I am confronting myself! I have a not-so-excellent working memory and I […]
  • What do Archaeologists wear?
    I am off to a field trip tomorrow! The university released a lot of […]
  • Week of wondering
    Things I have done in the last week: 1. Wondered what there is to […]

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