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On Inflated Stories

Apparently, this badger is now a more accomplished archaeologist than many, having discovered in Spain the biggest number of Roman coins ever to be found (209). Well done Badger.


I have completed all five weeks of Futurelearn learning about Ancient Rome.

The professor is super passionate, and the videos are easily digestible at about 5-8minutes long each, and there are several interactive Panorama features so it feels like you are virtually visiting some of the sites in Rome itself.

To share some fun information I learnt, it is that the emperors of Rome put buildings on their coins as propaganda.

Image source: wiki commons.

Given how huge Ancient Rome was, many people wouldn’t have been able to travel and see such buildings for themselves, and so the intent was to brag about these massive works and public projects, far and wide.

The colosseum, from

Sometimes, the buildings were put on coins before they were finished, as archaeologists have found buildings on coins that never really existed. (Seems like politicians over-promising and under-delivering is a practice of old, old, old.)

Below is a link to Futurelearn, where many of the courses seem seriously fascinating. I am not being paid to say this*.

In some belated news, my colleague with Christmas-flu didn’t have COVID.

I am going away this coming weekend (for the first time in two years đź’€), but will still be in Australia! Will try to visit and post things from museums.

*This one time I wrote a glowing review of something I bought, and then later it got flagged as being a paid promo. I was writing (unpaid) to humorous effect. Guess they couldn’t believe that someone could like a new vacuum cleaner that much.


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