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Snipping Tool

Does everyone know about the Snipping Tool/App? I literally only learnt about it yesterday.

This essentially allows you to cut a section of your screen, and save it as an image. I have always been doing the cumbersome route of Taking a screenshot -> pasting into Microsoft Paint -> cropping the image -> saving the image.

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My mind was blown, because I have been using computers since I was old enough to draw in MS Paint with a mouse and adopt virtual pets despite the slowness of dial-up internet (which sometimes took 6-7 minutes per page load). I can navigate Photoshop comfortably, but never have I heard about the Snipping Tool.


Here’s an excellent tutorial (Vimeo link) on how to use the Snipping Tool, for Windows. Mac users can learn how to use a similar app here (an article).

Yesterday I was fretting over my last assignment, which is to dedicate 2000 words to Designing Your Own Archaeology Project. Which involves doing things like Planning.

This has been stressful, because of a) juggling other commitments and b) the fact it runs counter to the way I habitually live life, which is to try do as many things as I can at once, and then forget about everything until later (there seems to be several layers of irony happening here).

Anyway, after some labouring I managed to make some semblance of an imaginary Plan…

This is part of a Gantt chart, which I learnt to make in Excel. (The image has come up illegally small. Sorry.) It is basically a fancy timetable with a calendar thingy at the top and highlighted timeframes in the middle.

I was getting frustrated trying in vain to fit the too-wide table into Word. Then my partner arrived with the solution out of nowhere: use the Snipping Tool. I was completely thrown.

Very happy to learn about it.


More to come. Assignments are nearly all done for this semester, and I owe lovely readers a post about the mystery house that burnt down.

Have you ever learnt something seemingly late and it surprised you? What was it?


10 thoughts on “Snipping Tool

  1. I’ve learned something new from this too! I use MacOS, and I knew about command-shift-4 to select a specific area of the screen, but I didn’t know about command-shift-5 that gives you more options as mentioned in the article you linked to. Good to know!

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  2. I live with a computer programmer/Information Technologist – he seems to know everything computers… so this was not news. BUT I just found out that my dryer has a cycle that wets the clothes and then steams them!!! I had no clue! It also does a “refresh cycle” that makes them smell like they’ve been laundered even if they haven’t! I’m shocked that I didn’t know this!!! It is way cool!

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