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On Blades and Boulders

This post includes some trivia and other updates:

• In 1907, the last mountain in Japan thought left unclimbed was Mt. Tsurugi. A team went up the mountain that year… and found that someone had left a sword there. Later this sword turned out to be over 1000 years old* (Wikipedia).

That sword is now enshrined in a museum, and you can read its leaflet here. A sword is a pretty badass way to leave a marker somewhere. Imagine if one had been left on the moon, instead of a flag.


On the topic of Japanese blades:

• Japanese chefs’ knives are some of the most expensive in the world. Making them is an art craft that has been handed down over many generations.

• I am deciding whether for Semester 2 I would prefer to take a topic on Rock Art or Stone Artefacts.

Fun fact:

• Some Indigenous cultures make markings on cave walls for gender-specific viewing – only women are meant to see some paintings, and men others. If I study rock art this coming semester, I could tell you why. 🎨🪨

• On the other hand, stone tools are the ancestors of knives, which is decidedly awesome.

• The above aside, I have not applied for further topics in Archaeology for 2022; the reason being that a clean multiple of X (ie X, 2X, 4X) number of uni topics have to be completed by December, to keep non-Archaeology options on the table for 2023. I could apply for more later, but won’t yet. Watch this space.

• I turned a year older. Encouragingly, a friend commented over one lunchtime that I was not fretting about the usual existential crises. This might be attributed to currently having partially-baked life goals, or being in a food coma that afternoon, or both.

One of my favourite cartoons. Artist unknown, but they are spot on.

Anyway, how are you? Do you like knives? If you were hypothetically forced to enter and view one of two museum exhibitions by a short and obsessed museum warden – one full of cave paintings and one full of stone tools – which room would you select?

Image credit:

*Yes, I did read about Mt. Tsurugi in a viral social media post before recycling this here.


20 thoughts on “On Blades and Boulders

  1. I love knives. I have 4 Gerber knives from the 1960s that are so very sharp – can cut a carrot into paper thin slices. I also have a variety of other knives including Rada which are a delight – they are American made and I won’t use anything else! As for stone tools vs. cave paintings it is a hard choice but I think the cave paintings would be more interesting!

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  2. Rock Art kind of sounds like a band name in a way. Actually, I think The Stone Artifacts is a better band name. There’s an idea – pick your coursework based on which classes sound like better titles for your imaginary band album.

    Happy birthday! To turn a year old and suffer no existential crises is an amazing accomplishment!!

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  3. When I was a teen there were a series of movies and a TV series called Highlander about immortals fighting each other with swords in the modern age. Of course, this got me into learning about swords as well. Of course, I used to fantasize about being a ninja so there is that as well.

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    • “Immortals with swords in the modern age -“ That’s such a great idea for entertainment! I remember watching behind the scene reels on how they amplify blade noises in films and it was so fun to watch – a person stands with two smaller knives by a microphone and they record that. It was like blade-ception. Ninjas will never be not cool 🥷

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