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Princess Elizabeth’s Speech

Queen Elizabeth II has just passed. She was the world’s second longest reigning monarch.

It feels surreal. In Australia and New Zealand at least, every time someone holds money, we hold an image of her in our hands. Now suddenly a huge part of Commonwealth history has left us.

She seemed like a very sweet person. This was then-Princess Elizabeth’s first speech from 1940. She was sending a message of love and support to children across the Commonwealth, many of whom evacuated, during World War II. She was well-spoken then, and it’s strangely comforting.

Have a listen:

Rest In Peace, Your Majesty.


19 thoughts on “Princess Elizabeth’s Speech

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  2. By chance, my father in law died a few months ago – also 96 and also independent to the end. He left behind some old coins and notes – some out of circulation now – they will be cherished more. The Queen was my ideal of a liberated working woman. She made the choice to do that job for the whole of her life, to be in the public spotlight the whole of her life, and she did the job well. Admittedly, she had servants etc etc, and a private lifestyle quite different from the rest of us. But she tackled her public duty relentlessly. Even if you are not a royalist, you have to admire her. Feeling very sad.

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      • Remember .. she could have refused the job.. she could have abdicated when she reached ‘retirement’ age .. but she took it on and promised to continue serving the people all her life – and she did. I imagine holding her own would have been difficult in a world of mainly male Prime Ministers and leaders and a strong willed husband who was a Prince in his own right. She did it with style, intelligence and dignity in a fast changing world.

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  3. Dr B says:

    Thank you for posting this 🙏. To many of us she will be remembered for many things, but she especially will be associated with the word “duty”, her image will become a perfect metaphor and symbol of it. Not a single one of our politicians will be remembered in the same way. A huge gloom has descended on us.

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    • I saw that it was Queen Elizabeth II who broke tradition and asked for the Star Spangled Banner to be played during the changing of the guards when 9/11 happened. The camaraderie during sad times is moving to see.

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  4. Thank-you for this. … Liberated working woman ?- I like that – and she was criticised for failing to be a stay at home mother –
    Sometimes, hereditary monarchy delivers a star, but not always. No coins, but
    we have a souvenir mug, for the coronation of Edward VIII Perhaps you’ve seen the recent books ?

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